More winter

It was a good morning yet again, perhaps with a few more clouds than the last few days, but nothing to suggest it would be anything other than an early spring day.

The clouds rolled in towards midday. I still didn’t expect anything other than a grey afternoon with some flat light. On Lager at about 1.00pm a few flakes of snow fell. Nothing to write home about though.

              Early blue skies

An hour or so later it was snowing hard, big flakes of wet snow. It was difficult to see, with a heavy curtain of snow filling the sky. It had been quiet all day, but the few skiers around disappeared by mid afternoon. The snow turned to rain somewhere below Bumps T bar, but I think I was the only person around to see it. From there to Innerwengen was sludgy and difficult.

An unexpected winter’s day brought 10,360 vertical metres in 23 lift rides and 59 kilometres travelled.

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