All change, again

After yesterday’s snow, the sun shone this morning. It was warm in the village, but slightly chilly at Mannlichen early on. There were a few clouds as well, which came and went around Mannlichen and Lager. I made a quick tour around the tops and was back at the cable car for a second ascent by 11.30am. Wixi had been slushy even mid morning and the last few hundred metres to Innerwengen were very hard work.

                Clouds near the Lager lift

In the afternoon the Punch Bowl was the place to be. The snow was good until after the tunnel under the railway, where there were some impressive moguls. Schwarzen too was in good condition. The run to Innerwengen was better in the afternoon than it had been in the morning, despite the warm weather.

A warm day on the mountain brought 10,080 vertical metres in 20 lift rides and 62 kilometres travelled.

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