Glued to the piste

This morning was drab. A grey sky overlooked a grey mountain. At breakfast time, it was eleven degrees on our balcony. The prospects for the day did not look good.

The snow on Mannlichen was very soft, but skiable and things didn’t seem too bad for a while. The sun showed up, which made it warmer still, but was preferable to the iron clad clouds of an hour earlier. The pistes were quiet and the chair lifts were running slowly. The cars on the gondola from Holenstein seems to be racing past the Mannlichen and Lager chairs.


         Clouds clearing 

As the day went on the sun faded, the clouds gathered again and it was warmer still. At Fallboden, on the flat section after the railway tunnel, I felt glued to the piste. Later on it rained, if only a few drops. The forecast for tomorrow offers more of the same, but for the weekend temperatures should drop and snow should fall. It will be welcome.

A day of slow lifts and sluggish snow brought 7,299 vertical metres in 17 lift rides and 46 kilometres travelled.

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