Near perfect

The sun had its hat on from early today. The sky was a clear blue and the mountain was cloaked in fresh snow. It was a morning to be moving and breakfast was reduced to a croissant bought hurriedly from the Co-op. I made it on to the 8.30am cable car, which was near full.

It was worth the effort. Mannlichen glistened in the sun and the snow squeaked under my skis. There was a steady stream of arrivals on the cable car for the next hour or so, but the test of a busy day is the gondola from Grund, which remained quiet all morning.

     From Distelboden

However, Wengen’s usual suspects were out in strength. I encountered most of them during the day, some of them several times. This has been the best day of the season in the view of the cognoscenti. It is probably the last great day for this winter.

In the afternoon a haze of cloud obscured the sun, but it was a small blemish on a near perfect day. The sun picked up again on the way home and the run to Innerwengen was at its best.

A great day in the sun brought 12,298 vertical metres in 26 lift rides and 69 kilometres travelled.

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