Stuck again

It was a nondescript morning, grey and overcast but not raining or windy. What was remarkable though was the temperature in the village, almost 12 degrees at about 9.30am.

The temperature wasn’t much lower at Mannlichen and my skis were pretty much stuck to the piste from the start. The sun broke through when I reached the top of Lager, but of course that didn’t help the pistes at all and it was a slow ski to Gummi.

         Sunshine at Lager

The Punch Bowl seemed likely to offer the only decent snow on the mountain and it was indeed quite good as far as the railway tunnel. However, on my second run the sticky snow had reached the traverse near the top. On the way down I met another of the Wengen regulars and we decided the day had nothing more to offer. We were both on the 12.16pm train from Scheidegg back to the village. It rained intermittently in the afternoon.

A short, slow day brought 3,037 vertical metres in 7 lift rides and 21 kilometres travelled.

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