Almost grounded

The wind was blowing this morning even here in the lower part of the village. I set out more in hope than expectation and sure enough, the Wengen-Grindelwald part of the mountain was more or less closed. The Eiger Express was open but doubtless moving at a snail’s pace, and the Innerwengen chair was running also. Neither looked an attractive option, particularly Innerwengen where the slalom course has been closed for a couple of weeks.

       The Mannlichen cable car sign 

The few people skiing were heading for Winteregg, where the small group of lifts leading to Allmendhubel were all open. I decided to follow the herd. On arrival, there were two immediate bonuses. Firstly, the lifts were still running. Secondly, it wasn’t raining cats and dogs as in Wengen.

However, snow conditions were similar to newly poured cement. One run was enough and I was back in Wengen a couple of hours after leaving the village. An exceptionally brief visit to Murren brought 457 vertical metres in 4 lift rides and 2 kilometres travelled.

The forecast is for the temperature to drop and snow to fall, but with the threat of more high winds.

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