More winter

The temperature dropped last night, the heavy rain turned to snow and the wind abated. This morning, the snow line was just above the village. After a couple of very poor days, winter has returned. It looks set to stay for a while, with temperatures well below freezing until Thursday at least.

It was still snowing on Mannlichen this morning, with good skiing and few people. The only club on the hill was Bonigen, but then they do not miss many Saturdays. The wind was still around though, swirling the snow at the top of Mannlichen and closing Honegg and Eigernordwand for a while in the early afternoon.

                 Above Holenstein this morning

Unexpectedly, the day changed.  As the wind dropped again, the sun emerged and a glorious afternoon came from nowhere.  There was very good skiing on Wixi and as far as the bottom of Bumps T bar.  From there to the Innerwengen chair was slow and torrid.

A very good day brought 8,780 vertical metres in 19 lift rides and 48 kilometres travelled.

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