Mea culpa

The Idle Skiers are back in town for the Winter.

At the end of last season, I said I would stay in touch.  I didn’t.  A couple of readers have taken me task about this.  Or maybe it was the same person who admonished me twice.  It’s not like this blog has the circulation of the Times newspaper.

Anyway, sorry about that.  “Stuff” came up and the Idle Skier has been far from idle.

We have been here for over a week now.  As ever in the mountains, the weather plays its part in daily life.  We have enjoyed (in no particular order) sun, snow, rain and wind.  Today brought all the aces, with torrential rain followed by wonderful snow and finally sunshine.  Mannlichen didn’t manage to open due to the ace of spades, a lively wind that made the lifts inoperable.  So nothing new there really.

Its good to back though, as you can see.

Above Grindelwald in the afternoon

Tomorrow is Christmas Day and Father Christmas has promised sunshine to go with today’s fresh snow.  Time for some sleep, I think.

Ten days skiing has brought 81,822 vertical metres in 184 lift rides with a cumulative distance travelled of 427 kilometres.

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