Days like this

The Idle Skier has been away since Sunday and during that time it snowed quite a bit.

That much was obvious on touching down at Zurich last night, with snow around the airport which became thicker all the way to Wengen.  It had been a busy few days and as I hit the hay just after midnight, I thought I might have a lie in.  After all it would be thick fog on the mountain in the morning.

Sixth sense dragged me from my bed at almost the usual time however. Even though it was snowing hard and the cloud was heavy, there was a hint of a good day ahead.  I took the cable car at the same time as always in the end and all the effort was worthwhile.

From Mannlichen, early on

The snow was deep and squeaky cold, the slopes empty.  The fog cleared, the sun shone.  Days like this don’t come along that often.  Late on, the weather closed in again and the snow returned.

The forecast for tomorrow seems to be sun, snow and a very cold day.  That seems okay to me.

A cold, brilliant skiing day brought 9,362 vertical metres in 20 lift rides and 48 kilometres travelled.


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