East coast

The Idle Skiers are at the seaside this week, perched on the tip of Suffolk at Southwold.  The town is referred to often as “Chelsea-on-Sea”.  A few years ago it  prompted a Daily Telegraph headline “Is this the snobbiest town in Britain” after Costa Coffee had a planning application turned down.

If you are on the wrong end of that sort of headline from the Telegraph, you really are in trouble.  However, Costa Coffee came and went in only a couple of years
and this week, with the school half term holidays over safely, the Chelsea set are missing as well.

Southwold pier

Instead, the shops and pubs are alive with the local Suffolk burr.  Pubs?  Well there are several of them, but the Idle Skiers’ preferred watering hole is The Lord Nelson Inn, our favourite pub in the British Isles.

The sun is shining, the East coast wind is blowing nicely, the chippie is open and the Adnams is on tap.  What more might you want from the English seaside?

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