Back in the saddle again

We cycled today, which is not something I have occasion to write very often.  I do get out on a mountain bike occasionally in London, but we couldn’t remember the last time Mrs IS cycled.  It was probably in the Lauterbrunnen valley about fifteen years ago.

However, they say you never forget. We picked a route that avoided the roads for the most part and after Mrs IS’s early Pilates commitments, we were away by mid morning.  After forty minutes or so, we were in Wadebridge, a small market town on the River Camel.

Mrs IS called for a coffee stop and we rolled up to what looked like a cafe.  It turned out to be a pensioners drop in centre.  Their advertising was geared to mobility scooters and similar. Still, they greeted us warmly and provided us with the required coffee .  It was pleasing and slightly disturbing at the same time.  Did we really look that old?

                                      From the Camel Trail

It was a beautiful ride, sunny with a strong headwind in the afternoon and just the occasional quick rain shower.  We arrived back in Padstow around 3.00pm after what seemed to be a very long trip.  We were sure we had cycled much further than we originally planned and sure enough the intended 30 kilometres or so turned out to be 59.54 kilometres.  Next time, we might plan the route more precisely.  The last 0.54 kilometres were an absolute killer.

Tomorrow, we return to the waves at Polzeath.

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