Mrs Idle Skier’s first reaction to this blog was “why write it?”

That I enjoy skiing is the main point. (Mrs IS would at this point say I don’t just enjoy skiing, but am obsessed to the point of illness. I disagree vehemently. I have never skied for more than eight hours a day. That leaves a least sixteen hours a day when I have not been skiing. The defence rests its case my l’ud.)

Since the 2012/2103 season, I have tracked my skiing through Skiline.cc. It tells me that cumulatively, I have skiied 3,214,241 vertical metres and 18,266 kilometres. Most pertinently, it tells me that I have spent just over 32 days on lifts. A whole month on lifts! I am sure I must have been thinking about something. I must have seen lots of things going on around me. All is lost in the mists of time. So this season, as dotage approaches at the speed of a runaway train, I intend to record a few things – idle thoughts and sights from the lifts and the slopes. There is a chance then that some time in the future, I might remember what happened in the winter 2017/2018.

Of course, despite the events referred to in my first post, my season has been underway for some time. In my next post, I will review my season to date; whether that is an “executive summary” or a blow by blow account is as yet undecided.

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