Winter is back

At least it is above 1,400 metres.  Yesterday’s snow continued into the night and this morning, so far as it was possible to see anything through the low cloud, the world was white.

Grutschalp and beyond this morning

It is the middle of March, but the weather forecast promises more snow in the next few days and temperatures as low as -12C. Which is great news; the skiing might continue until May were there the will.

That is the rub though, as the will is not there.  Down in the valley, on the way to Zurich, the Swiss seem to be putting away their skis, with thoughts turning to summer.  Near Spiez, yachts and dinghies are out on the lake, even though it is a far from perfect afternoon and pelatons of cyclists fill the roads.

So we are on the countdown to the end of the season and in just over two weeks, most of the lifts will be closed, another winter consigned to history.  Time, I think, to make the most of what is left.

This morning was a pretty good place to start.  The early cloud gave way to glorious sunshine and the pistes were cold and crisp.  There was another children’s race at Mannlichen, sponsored by an Interlaken bank and though there seemed to be quite a few entries, the crowds of the Migros races earlier in the season were missing.  Once away from Mannlichen, the mountain was quiet yet again.

By late morning, the cloud was rolling back in, but as usual on a Sunday, I was by then heading down to Wengen.  A short but enjoyable day brought 3,265 vertical metres in seven lift rides.


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