It has been a lively old day in the Bernese Oberland, with a real humdinger of a storm.

Bad weather seems to be the default setting for the Idle Skier.  After the previous week’s thirteen hour marathon to London, Sunday saw an even poorer result.  I was grounded at Zurich until Monday morning and I think the “door to door” time was about 22 hours. Still, I had to be back at the day job for Monday morning and I made it just about.   Last night’s return was a doddle in comparison.

Here on the mountain, it has been snowing steadily all day, but with accompanying  storm winds.

Stormy weather 

A number of lifts were closed; most people found something else (anything else, possibly) with which to pass the day. That’s a shame really; visibility was good and there was fresh snow everywhere on piste.

Tomorrow’s forecast is pretty miserable as well, but who knows really.  The best weather forecast is to look out of the window in the morning.

A storm ridden day brought 10,275 vertical metres in 23 lift rides and 51 kilometres travelled.


One thought on “Sturmwind

  1. How did you manage so many kilometres with so little open.
    We are thinking of you and Mrs IS in stormy Britain.


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