No horizons

It was another poor morning. It wasn’t snowing or raining early on, but it was dark and more miserable than yesterday. At least the local skiing was back in business. The website for the area showed Scheidegg open first thing, but Mannlichen still closed. By the time I had made it up to Central Sport for my skis, the cable car was open as well.

By then it was snowing on top, but raining only a little way down the hill. It stayed fairly grim all day. Visibility was poor, with the horizon limited to a few yards.

                                                         Wengen in the clouds, from Bumps. 

By the time I headed for home, the freezing level had dropped and it was snowing to below the Bumps T bar. A better day is forecast for tomorrow. We can only hope.

A day of mixed weather brought 5,477 vertical metres in 13 lift rides and 32 kilometres travelled.

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