The good news

The good news this morning was that the rain had stopped.  The bad news was the foehn wind was responsible for the clear start to the day, holding the rain clouds beyond Interlaken.  

At Mannlichen early on, it was a fine skiing day.  It was warm again, but the pistes were good.  The sky was ever changing though and at Scheidegg, few lifts were open.

                                                                          Angry skies

As the morning progressed Scheidegg closed completely, leaving the Mannlichen lifts running along with Gummi and Tschuggen. The wind crept on to Mannlichen as well and then dropped away for a while, ushering in more rain.

In the mid afternoon, the wind picked up once more, so that even the Mannlichen four man chair was swaying badly. An involuntary trip to Grund seemed possible and the Idle Skier beat a retreat to the cable car, joined by the Wengen Ski Club and the few others still on the mountain.

A blustery but enjoyable day brought 6,312 vertical metres in 17 lift rides and 39 kilometres travelled.

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