New day, new skis

The sun was showing its face this morning early on and the day looked promising. I was away early therefore, but was slowed immediately by assorted queues.

First, I queued at the ski room to put my boots on (13 people allowed at one time in the depot). Then I joined a different queue to collect my new skis (fifteen people allowed in the rental and sale area) Then, I joined a further queue in order to pay for my new skis (two people allowed in the main shop till area). Finally, I queued to get on the cable car (fifty people allowed in the cable car building).

I didn’t have to queue at all after that. More or less every lift and piste is open at the moment and the mountain absorbed the holiday makers without difficulty.

                                                              Sun in the afternoon

It was a good day. The power of new skis brought 10,009 vertical metres in 22 lift rides and 52 kilometres travelled.

One thought on “New day, new skis

  1. Hi Mr IS sorry to hear that your skis have given up the ghost.

    Have you chosen Stokli again?

    P.s. we have snow if only lived near to proper hills still, instead of Lincolnshire!


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