A walk in the park

It has been a day of celebration for the Idle Skiers.  It is Mrs IS’s birthday, and a significant one at that. Twenty one again, of course.  

We went for a walk in Richmond Park.  We also walked to the park and back from it, in a circuitous route which saw us cover 20 kilometres in all.  Last summer, or for most of it anyway, the park was almost empty. Now it is back in full swing.  Most of south west London seemed to have joined us, walking also, running, cycling and riding. 

                                                          Richmond Park

This evening, we have been to a favourite restaurant, the Glasshouse in Kew. Every table was taken. Just at the moment, London buzzes like the old days, way back in 2019. Long may it continue.

One thought on “A walk in the park

  1. Happy returns to Mrs IS, hope you enjoyed your birthday walk and meal.
    Hopefully will see you at Christmas, we are booked for 11 days fingers x


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