Private mountain

The cable car wasn’t full this morning, but a combination of people, rucksacks, sledges, prams and Co-op shopping trollies (okay, maybe not the last one) meant we were wedged in pretty tightly. At Mannlichen, the doors opened and for a second nobody moved. Then we all shot out onto the platform in one confused mass.

That was the only busy part of the day. At times it was like having a private ski mountain. It was a spring day, most definitely, even at altitude. The snow remained in good condition though. Blackrock was slushy in the full glare of the afternoon sun and the Hundschopf more so, with a couple of awkwardly placed moguls at the top, but everywhere else was in perfect condition.

                                      A spring afternoon 

Back in Wengen, the relaxed feeling of the last few days continues. After the February crowds, everyone is enjoying the calm.

An excellent day’s skiing brought 11,089 vertical metres in 24 lift rides and 59 kilometres travelled.

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