Distant sun

It was dark, seemingly still night time, when we woke today. It was morning, however, and time to face the day. We had the lights on during breakfast and it was still very, very grey as I headed to the cable car.

The high street was pretty much deserted, except for some Swiss army troops drinking coffee outside the bakery. The army is a key component in preparing for the Lauberhorn races, incredibly only three weeks or so away now. I am sure they used to turn up after Christmas, but for the last few years they have been here from early December.

                                                    Distant sun

On Mannlichen, visibility was okay and in the distance, towards Engelberg, the sun had put in an appearance. It often seems to be the case. We skied in Engelberg for a few days, in 1990 I think, and whilst I don’t miss the mountain there, I am jealous of the weather, which so often seems better than our own.

Eventually though some sunshine appeared on Mannlichen also and it was mid afternoon before the light disappeared completely. It was warm, as expected, but the almost complete absence of skiers meant the snow stayed in good condition. Grey, gloomy days do have some benefits.

An okay day, better than seemed likely first thing in the morning, brought 7,363 vertical metres in 15 lift rides and 41 kilometres travelled.

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