A warm day

As forecast, it has been a warm day. Clouds sat over the valley when the Idle Skiers emerged from under the duvet, but the skies cleared quickly and the sun shone again. Of course, I didn’t believe it would be warm at all on the mountain and was layered in clothes for a real winter’s day. Tomorrow, I am sure I will leave some things behind and will be cold all day. I have written before, it is easy to be ready for the previous day’s weather


                                       From Tschuggen Top station

Despite the warm day, the snow held up well. At Eigerletscher, the pistes were still pretty near bullet proof at 1.00pm. On Wixi there were a few moguls made by the very few skiers on the hill. It is only a few days to Christmas, but the pistes were deserted today. With the weather forecast being indifferent at best, it may be the end of the week before the crowds arrive.

Another sunny day brought 7,856 vertical metres in 16 lift rides and 43 kilometres travelled.

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