New dictionary

It is to be hoped that the Oxford English Dictionary has published its book of superlatives.  Otherwise, I might be struggling for new words to describe the skiing if the conditions this week continue for a few days longer.

Yesterday, I said it was magnificent.  Today was more of the same.  It was warmer.  The temperature at Eigernordwand was 12 degrees at 2.00pm, or so the digital display at the lift station claimed.  I am sure however that they keep the gauge there in a glass jar with a lighted candle beneath it.  It was warm, but not that warm. As evidence of that, the snow held up just fine again.

Wengen from the slalom course

Of course, if this weather continues for too long, the snow will suffer.  However, Meteo Swiss suggests a downturn in temperature by mid-week. It’s always the same, whatever the weather, we want something different.

The end to this season’s journey is on the horizon already.  In six weeks, Mannlichen will close. Sheidegg and Murren will still be open but, still, how did the time pass so quickly?  It seems only days since the season was freshly minted and ready to go.

Today brought 10,968 vertical metres in 24 lift rides and 59 kilometres travelled.

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