Crack of dawn

The Idle Skier set out for Wengen this morning way, way before the crack of dawn.  It was foggy in London, but the ‘plane flew on time almost. Which was a relief.  Its one thing to get up in the middle of the night.  Quite another then not to go anywhere.

So early afternoon saw me on the snow again for the first time in a few days.  Going somewhere on the mountain was a bit more tricky than usual as well. Even in the afternoon, there was a queue at the cable car.  The Lager lift was broken and the rope tow across the top of Mannlichen (in order to cut out the Lager lift) had stopped as well.  Then the office called and it was back home to deal with the day job.

Cloudy day

I shouldn’t complain really, but it has been sunny here all week and today was as gloomy as, well, a day in late February.  It was sunny again in Engelberg though.

A quick scoot around the mountain brought 2,373 vertical metres in 6 lift rides and 16 kilometres travelled.

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