The shape of things to come

Today, everything was open and it was as busy as you could imagine.  The Idle Skiers (plus weekend guest) queued at the cable car for a shortish time and then everywhere else for quite a long time, each time.

I think always that busy Saturdays wind down at lunchtime, but the lift line at Lager sometime after 2.00pm was still impressive. The wait at Eigernordwand at 3.15pm was so long and so densely packed that I abandoned plans to go to Eigersletcher and took the Arven lift instead.

I have mentioned H.G. Wells before in this blog.  One of his later books was a bleak look at the future in The Shape of Things to Come.  I wonder if today has been a glimpse of the shape of things to come for the Jungfrau region.

The queue at Eigernordwand was full of people heading back to the car park at Grindelwald Grund.  Soon, we will have big new lifts from Grund, to Mannlichen next season and Eigernordwand the season afterwards.  In skiing terms, I have been looking forward to these lifts without reservation.  They will bring lots of people though and I wonder often if the place will be changed beyond recognition.

What is a sustainable number of tourists?  I suspect fewer than makes business sense.


A day of queues brought 8,109 vertical metres in 19 lift rides and 48 kilometres travelled.

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