Empty slopes

I returned to Wengen today to find that everyone else had left.  Coincidence, I am sure.  A delayed start to the day (the train broke between Zurich and Berne) meant a 2.00pm cable car and empty slopes.

That cable car was busy, but when we spread across the slopes, it was a fairly thin covering of people.  It was chilly on the mountain, if not downright cold and on the train to Lauterbrunnen, it seemed the rate of snow melt into the Lutschinen river had slowed since the weekend.  The thin covering of snow doesn’t seem to have become much thinner.

An empty Lager lift and slopes

Anyway, I shouldn’t complain. The village will busy enough, soon enough, as the Lauberhorn weekend is almost here.

A sunny and cold day brought 3,831 vertical metres in nine lift rides and 23 kilometres travelled.

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