Stuck in a groove

The weather around here is stuck in a groove, with the seemingly inevitable wind an almost daily (hourly, possibly) facet of life.  This afternoon, the wind was so strong at the top of Eigernordwand that it seemed the skiers as well as the snow would be heading for Engelberg.  Surprisingly, I don’t think any lifts closed, although a few were running pretty slowly for a while.

It is Sunday of course (it is easy to lose track around here), but work on the new lift station at Eigernordwand continued apace.  The contractors must have lost so much time this winter, but as with every project, there is a deadline and it is looming quickly.

The day started well.  The sun shone and the snow was in good order.  The holiday season seems to have ended mainly and at 9.30am there was not much of a queue for the cable car. I arrived there ahead of Mrs IS and we managed to miss each other at possible meeting places all day.

Late morning 

Monday follows Sunday with monotonous regularity; tomorrow and Tuesday are working days for the Idle Skier.  Mrs IS has some skiing planned and snow is forecast, which is all to the good.  Roll on Wednesday.

A sunny day, with a windswept afternoon, brought 10,224 vertical metres in in 22 lift rides and and 53 kilometres travelled.

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