For one day only

There are days which exceed expectations.  The weather forecast and the locals were pretty gloomy about today.  The sky would be grey; the snow would be poor. In fact, it would be gloomy.

So it was with some relief that the Idle Skiers woke to a clear sky and cold temperatures.  For one day only, it was still winter and the skiing was about the best the season has had to offer.

In the afternoon, the clouds did roll in for a while, but the sun fought back and the day ended as it had begun.

Towards Murren; clouds gathering 

The Idle Skiers had been away early this morning, Mrs IS for Scheidegg and me for Mannlichen. We didn’t have the mountain to ourselves, but that corner of the season I mentioned a week ago has been turned without doubt. It will be quiet now until the end of the season.

There are bigger things going on in the world at the moment of course, as always,  but the rhythm of life here doesn’t seem to have changed that much. There are fewer tourists for the Jungfraujoch, and I suppose for the railway that is a big thing, but for the rest of us it means only that a seat on the train is easier to find.

A short ski yesterday and the full version today brought 16,201 vertical metres in 37 lift rides and 80 kilometres travelled.

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