Days like this

There will always be days like this I suppose.  A melancholy air hung over Wengen this morning and if didn’t change much for the rest of the day.

Down here in Upper Lauterbrunnen, it was raining steadily early on. My walk to Central Sport was solitary. Even the early morning dog walkers had called a halt on the day.

The rain turned to snow, or maybe sleet, mid mountain, but the sky was a solid block of battleship grey. The few people on the cable car disappeared quickly.

Above Holenstein, mid morning

The weather deteriorated further later on as our old friend the foehn wind turned up and closed the Honegg and Eigernordwand lifts.

Oddly though, it could have been worse.   The visibility was good despite the cloud, some lifts were still open and more than three people at a lift station constituted a major traffic jam.

So, a melancholy village and a wind swept mountain, but it was okay in fact.  As with most days, it was worth turning up.

A surprisingly enjoyable day brought 8,339 vertical metres in 19 lift rides and 47 kilometres travelled.

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