Today was the first day of the season on Mannlichen.  The links to Scheidegg are open and the season proper is under way.  The snow conditions could not have been better. I cannot recall a first day in all the years we have skied here when so much of the mountain has been open

There are still runs which are closed, the pistes down to the Tschuggen T bar and the downhill course being the primary culprits, but they could have been operating as well.

                                                   From Wixi

This morning early on it was still grey and miserable and it was not long before the snow returned. Visibility on Mannlichen was okay though and it was a great morning’s skiing. In the afternoon, over at Scheidegg, the sun emerged for a while before heavy cloud returned.

The ski clubs were out and about, but the poor start to the day meant the Saturday crowds stayed away. In the outside world, the news is becoming grimmer by the day yet again, but for a few hours on the mountain today, all was well.

The first full day of the season brought 7,008 vertical metres in 15 lift rides and 38 kilometres travelled.

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