Parallel universe?

It has been a grey day today, but the skiing was excellent.  Despite the cloud, the light was good for most of the day, with some sunshine early on and late in the afternoon.

This morning, the cable car was running continuously and full on each journey (though still at reduced capacity; 52, two up from last winter, so progress again it seems).  However, at Mannlichen, there was nobody around. It was as if passengers stepped off the cable car and into a parallel universe, possibly one with more sunshine.  

                                           Grey morning, with a hint of sun

It remained quiet all day. The ski clubs were missing, which is a rare thing. On the way home, I skied from the top of Wixi to Allmend without seeing another person.

A quiet day on the mountain brought 10,444 vertical metres in 22 lift rides and 55 kilometres travelled.

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