In Wengen

We returned to Wengen yesterday, leaving behind a still snowy and bitingly cold London. We were not sure we would make it here at all, with icy roads, planes and runways. In the end, we were only 25 minutes late at Zurich and were in the village by early afternoon. It was a long day though, made longer when Mrs IS mistook the time and had us out of bed at 2.00am. We managed another hour’s sleep after that, but we still had to be away long before daybreak. It is surprising how busy Heathrow is at 4.15am.

It was a fairly slow start today, what with catching up on some sleep and then finding my ski gear (essential bits and pieces, such as socks, seem to hide themselves away during the summer), but I was on the cable car by mid-morning.

                          Wengen in the afternoon 

The village was lost in cloud yesterday. Today though was a glorious ski day. It was a great start to the season, although crowded on Mannlichen until midday. The crowds thinned in the afternoon and Wixi was at its best.

A first rate first day brought 6,294 vertical metres in 14 lift rides and 39 kilometres travelled.

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