Another winter’s day

This morning, first thing, it was difficult to tell which way the weather would turn.  It was going to be another winter’s day, but whilst the forecast was for cloud there seemed an outside chance that the sun might shine.

The cloud won the battle for the skies.  On Mannlichen the light was terrible at 10.00am.  It did improve slightly, but it was grey for almost the whole day.  As usual, bumps and dips were difficult to spot and the piste was a roller coaster at times.  As usual also, the weather seemed brighter in the far distance.  It must be wishful thinking.  

                                A brighter sky?

On Wixi in the afternoon, it snowed steadily. The skiing there was good still. With one route to the village closed through lack of snow and with the racers training on the downhill course, for the last couple of days recreational skiers have been directed to Wengenalp and the train home.

Yesterday, I was late enough to miss this embargo and did so again today. The racecourse is closed off completely and the snow on the blue run by the Wasch bar is unpisted and rocky. It was possible though to make it all the way to Central Sport for the first time in a week or more.

The snow turned to rain somewhere above Allmend and it has rained into the evening. The day was better than seemed possible on the first run this morning and brought 6,651 vertical metres in 14 lift rides and 37 kilometres travelled.

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